Zhejiang Concern Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Concern Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

About ZJ Concern

Who We Are

Concern Biotech are commited to supporting diagnostic laborarories, hospitals and research organizations with high quality labware and consumables. With our global distribution partners, our products contribute in shaping the future of biotechnology.

Our Commitments

We offer laboratory consumables to help clinical and diagnostic laboratories perform better in their expertises with our strict production quality standard and rich experience in all aspects of global supply chain management.

Our History


Wholly owned by Jinlin Group, Zhejiang Zhongfan Medical Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2016. Focusing on providing a wide range of laboratory and medical supplies for hospitals, and laboratories through our worldwide distribution partners.


Affiliated company Zhejiang Concern Biological Technology Co., Ltd was founded 2019. Dedicated to providing solutions to laboratories from all over the world. When the Covid-19 spreading in December. It's down to us to support laboratories and hospitals to normally function without any suppky shortage knowing many lives are at stake.


Entering the post-pandemic period, we strive to keep providing better solutions for laboratories and improve the quality of our services to help our customers achieve greater success in biological research and technology development.

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