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How To Use Micropipette Well?

Introduction of micropipettes

Micropipette is a new scientific experimental tool for removing microamounts of liquid, which is necessary for biochemical experiment, microbiology experiment and molecular biology experiment. The pipette is a measuring device, which can be divided into two kinds: quantitative pipette and adjustable pipette. Its type is divided into single-headed and multi-headed. The micropipette mainly includes the manual pipette and the electronic pipette. The volume of the micropipette is in the range of 0.1uL ~ 5mL, which meets the needs of precise sampling and transfer of liquids.

Operation of micropipette and points for attention

Setting the liquid withdrawal value

The pipette is a piston pipette. The capacity of the pipette is determined by the distance the piston moves in the piston sleeve. The capacity of the pipette, i. e. the amount of pipette, can be clearly shown on the display window of the pipette handle.

Turn the adjusting knob of the clockwise direction to set the amount of liquid to be transferred: turn the knob counterclockwise to increase the amount of liquid to be collected; turn the knob clockwise direction to reduce the amount of liquid to be collected. Do not adjust the knob too hard, should also note that the pipette display value should not exceed its adjustable range.


(1) select the suction head on the pipette sleeve, a little pressure so that there is no air gap between the pipette and the sleeve.

(2) hold the sampler vertically so that the suction head is immersed in 3mm ~ 5mm below the liquid level, then slowly and steadily release the button and inhale the liquid. Wait 1 s ~ 2 s and then remove from the liquid.


(1) attach the suction head to the bottom of the container wall and hold it at an angle. Press the button until 1s ~ 2s has pressed the button again to drain the remaining liquid.

(2) press the button and lift the sampler at the same time, causing the suction head to brush against the container wall. Release the button and press the suction ejector to remove the suction head.

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