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It's critical to know exactly what chemicals you're working with in any manufacturing industry. Chemical testing labs that offer precise, quantitative, and qualitative chemical analysis help you keep track of the purity and composition of your reagents and materials.

The following are some of the most important applications of this branch of chemistry.

Analytical chemistry is used to determine the shelf life of many medicines.

It is used to detect adulterants in pharmaceuticals.

The concentrations of minerals and nutrients required for plant growth can be determined by testing the soil.

It is used in the chromatography process, which is used to classify a person's blood samples.

Analytical chemistry can also be used to determine the concentration of pesticide residues and contaminants in a given food sample.

Its use in the testing of cholesterol and glucose levels in a blood sample is one of its many important medical applications.

Forensic science, clinical analysis, and even environmental analysis all rely on analytical chemistry.

As a result, this article provides a brief overview of the field of analytical chemistry. Register with BYJU'S and download the mobile application on your smartphone to learn more about this branch of chemistry, as well as other branches such as inorganic chemistry.

Chemistry Lab Consumables
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