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ZJ Concern Medical Laboratory Consumables

ZJ Concern Medical Laboratory Consumables

All our laboratory plasticware products are manufactured in 100K grade dust-free room. Made of high quality virgin polypropylene and polystyrene fully complied with USP IV standards. Sterilization options like EO and Gamma are available.

Proper Ways to Store Laboratory Plasticware

Proper Ways to Store Laboratory Plasticware

Recent COVID-19 pandemic has created supplies shortage in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Companies need to arrange two or three different suppliers at the same time for key consumables to make sure the lab could keep functioning. However, choosing the right lab equipment manufacturers out of hundreds of options is no simple task Here's some tips for you when purchasing laboratory equipment & supplies.


When you are in the market looking to purchase some laboratory plasticware, application is your first guider to pinpoint you where to look. Material is also an important factor to consider whether glass or lab plasticware is suitable for your current needs.


Use the advantage of purchasing in bulk via cheap shipping method like sea shipping can save you a lot of money. Plan your purchasing few months ahead to avoid long waiting.


Several factors for you evaluation checklist: durability, sterility, safety, dimensions, and regulatory. Always place a trial order before bulk purchasing if the laboratory equipment manufacturers hasn't been approved.

Business Experience

Choose lab supply company that reduce packaging or manufactured from recycleble or biodegradable components to minimized the wastage produced by the lab.


How to Manage Lab Consuambles

A Case for Consumables Management. If your lab is like most labs involved in research, consumables account for a significant portion of your annual budget—everything from glassware to disposables to safety equipment to gases, reagents, and media, to name a few. Keeping track of inventory for these things might be difficult. To apply best practices for consumables management, three simple action items are used.

  • Consolidate the types of consumables.

  • Streamline the inventory of consumables.

  • Reduce the number of stock locations.

  • Biologics (e.g. cell lines, DNA), chemicals, consumables, and other assets can all be managed with a single solution.

  • Adaptable laboratory, with clearly defined bench and workstation arrangements.

  • Minimize the movement of the scientists.

Informatics with a Purpose
  • Informatics with a Purpose.

  • Information is available in real time.

  • Ordering and reordering are automated.

  • Capabilities for reporting to get insight and visibility.

  • Services for lab support that are outsourced.

  • The availability needs to be at a moment's notice.

  • Restocking also needs to be done in a consistent and open manner.

Laboratory Consumables Applications

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