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Black 384 Well Plate

240ul 384 Well Plates

Zjconcern's 240ul 384 Well Plates are ideal for sample storage, sample re-suspension, cell culture, assay setup, diluting, and compound libraries.

Zjconcern manufactures a full line of polypropylene storage systems, including plates, blocks, and sealing mats. For solvent resistance, all plates and blocks are made of polypropylene, making them ideal for compound library, combinatorial chemistry, and genomics applications.

Specification of 240ul 384 Well Plates

Article No




240μL 384 Well Plate, V Bottom


Applications of 240ul 384 Well Plates

Sample storage,

Sample re-suspension,

Cell culture,

Assay setup

The 384 Deep Well Storage Plates feature round well shapes, and are made of medical grade, virgin polypropylene resins. The round well shape is designed for optimal sample recovery. Plates are manufactured in a class 100,000 cleanroom environment to avoid any contaminations and guarantee high-quality. They are packed in plastic bags to avoid contamination.

Manufacture of 240ul 384 Well Plates

Zjconcern produces its Deep Well Plates from the highest grade virgin polypropylene.

100K class dust-free room to ensure all our products are free of Dnase/Rnase/pyrogenic.

Material: Virgin polypropylene resin.

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