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Reagent Trough

384 Channels Reservior

Zjconcern's Reservoir Plates are ideal for sample storage, sample re-suspension, cell culture, assay setup, diluting, and compound libraries. They are compatible with automated systems and are widely used in laboratories.

Standard 384-well pipetting systems are compatible with these half-height reservoirs.

170 L total volume of polypropylene pyramid bottoms

ANSI/SBS X-2004 standards.


Friendly to automation

Well depth: 23.01 mm Dimensions: 127.76L x 85.47W x 30.61H mm

By providing a collection area with a low dead volume of less than 7L, the 384 individual pyramid bottoms reduce reagent waste.

Specification of 384 Channels Reservior

Article No




384 channles Reservior

5 pieces/pack, 10 packs/case

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