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Filter Plates 96 Well Filter Plate

96 Well Filter Plate

Zjconcern's PCR plates perform purification of high quality plasmid DNA or PCR products efficiently.Made of chemical resistant polypropylene material with superior mechanical strength, these plates conform to standard 96 well footprint compatible with high throughput sample processing.

The plates are made of high-purity UHMW-PE, while the frits are made of medical-grade polypropylene. PE frits are available in a variety of pore sizes to suit a wide range of applications.


High quality virgin polypropylene material

ANSI/SBS standards complied.

Easy identification with alphanumeric referencing

Vacuum or centrifuge compatibility

Specification of 96 Well Filter Plate

Article No




96 well filtration plate, Φ8.1mm,1-3MM PP/PE/PTFE filter

1 piece/pack, 95packs/case

Features of 96 Well Filter Plate

Designed specifically for high throughput sample processing

Shared wall configuration gives reduced plate height, wider wells for faster pocessing, higher yields and less clogging

Suitable for vacuum, filtration, centrifugatioin or positive pressure techniques

Manufacture of 96 Well Filter Plate

Zjconcern produces its filter plates from the highest grade virgin polypropylene.

100K class dust-free room to ensure all our products are free of Dnase/Rnase/pyrogenic.

Material: Virgin polypropylene resin

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