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Elisa Plates Trans Undetachable

Zjconcern's Elisa 96 well microplate is a flat plate with multiple wells that can be used as small test tubes.

The footprint of the microplate is compatible with automated systems. The passive adsorption of one assay component – antigen or antibody – to the solid surface is a crucial step in ELISA. As a result, the characteristics of this surface are critical to the assay's success. Greiner Bio-ELISA One's microplates are made of virgin polystyrene of the highest quality.

Specification of Elisa Plates Trans Undetachable

Article No




Transparent Flat Bottom, High adhesion (300~400ng/cm2), Undetachable

10 pieces/pack 20 packs/case


Transparent Flat Bottom, Medium adhesion (300~400ng/cm2), Unbreakable

10 pieces/pack 20 packs/case

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