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Liquid Handling Pipette Tips

Liquid Handling Pipette Tips

Liquid handling is a process to transfer liquid from one location to another via either automations or manual pipetting in a laboratory for diagnostics and research purposes. Simple as it may seem, liquid handling is actually essential to almost all laboratories over the world. Millions and thousands liquid samples are being tested daily. Therefore the pipettes and tips must be demanded in high standard.

Liquid Handling Pipette Tips

Liquid Handling Pipette Tips Video

How to Use a Liquid Handling Pipette Tips

How to pipette properly. For an air displacement pipette, follow these steps below will increase your pipetting accuracy during the process.

Step One

Set the right volume you want to use, insert the pipette into a tip with light pressure, don't be too hard or you will damage the pipette or the tip.

Step Two

Press down the plunger botton and keep the aspiration angle at vertical, keep the immersion depth as small as possible to avoid capillarity effect causing more liquid flowing into the tip.

Step Three

Slowly release the plunger botton and wait for the pipette to fully draw the liquid.

Step Four

When dispensing liquid,hold the pipette at 20 to 45 degrees with contatc to the wall, and smoothly press the plunger botton down.

Step Five

Repeat step3 and setp4 2-3 times in the same vessel to pre-wet the tip before a formal liquid transition.

Step Six

After finish the process, press ejection botton to remove the tip and place the pipette back to the shelf.


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