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Disposable Transfer Pipettes 0.5ml Pasteur/Transfer Pipettes

Zjconcern's pasteur pipettes are ideal laboratory liquid handling tools that are used to transfer small volumes of liquids.

Ideal for hematology, urinalysis, chemistry, and blood banking — anywhere fluids must be transferred quickly and safely.

Matching rubber bulb with glass pipette is no longer an option. These pipettes prevent cross-contamination of samples and reduce airborne contamination of personnel because the entire unit is disposable. To avoid the hazards of broken glass and infectious materials, it is molded in one piece from unbreakable, see-through low-density polyethylene.

Specification of Zjconcern Pasteur Pipette 0.5ml

Article No.




0.5ml Pasteur/transfer pipette

1000 pieces/pack, 20000 pieces/case

Applications of Zjconcern Pasteur Pipette 0.5ml

Cell staining techniques/Reagent Handling/Colony Picking/Aseptic transfers/Measured transfers/Oil Immersion Microscopy

Manufacture of Zjconcern Pasteur Pipette 0.5ml

Polyethylene plastic pipette, non-toxic & harmless.

Graduated, transparent, disposable, soft and easy to use.

Applicable to essential oil mixture, scientific experiment, etc.

Suitable for blood banking, urinalysis, hematology, wet chemistry, microbiology, and serology.

Individually packing or sterile option is available.

Case Quantity of Zjconcern Pasteur Pipette 0.5ml

96 tips per rack, 50 racks per case.

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