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Robotic Pipette Tips

Robotic Pipette Tips

Designed for use with liquid handling automations and robots; Robotic pipette tips are used for rapid and large liquid collections and transfers. Packed for easy use and fullly compatible with most mainstream brands in the market. 

Robotic Pipette Tips FAQs

What is the material of your robotic pipette tips?

High quality virgin clear polypropylene or conductive PP resin, fully complied wih USP IV standards.

What is the compability of your robotic pipette tips?

Our robotics pipette tips are compatible with most brands in the market such as Hamilton, Tecan, Agilent, Beckman and so on.

Can I reuse the robotic pipette tips?

No, these are for single use purpose.

Are these robotic pipette tips autoclavable?

No,these are not automatic pipette tips.

What if the robotic pipette tips don't work/fit?

Please contact our technical service to help you with the issue.

Robotic Pipette Tips Usages

When facing a significant stress and large quantity of samples demanded to be processed in a very short time limit such as recent Covid-19 outbreak. A fast and reliable pipetting method can be regarded as a lives-saving approach. In this case, robotic technology can be in tremendous help in clinical & diagnostics laboratories to increase their testing and research perfomance.

Robotic Pipette Tips Usages

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