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200 Ul Pipette Tip

Tecan LiHa 200uL Robotic Pipette Tips

Zjconcern's Tecan 50ul conductive robotic pipette tips are compatible with Tecan LiHa automated pipetting system.

Capacitive liquid level detection is possible with a range of tip volumes, with or without filters, and made of conductive polypropylene. Tecan Standard, Tecan Pure, and Tecan Sterile are three purity levels that are customized to specific uses.

Zjconern provides a variety of disposable tips that can be used with their liquid handling platforms. Our Tecan robotic tips are meticulously designed, manufactured, and tested to assure reliable liquid handling. Manufacturing is fully automated in a regulated environment, with cutting-edge production techniques and integrated quality control procedures.

Specification of Tecan LiHa 200uL Tips

Article No.Description
ZRT0200-F-STTecan Robotic Pipette Tips, Conductive, Sterile, Filter, 200ul

Applications of Tecan LiHa 200uL Tips

Our 96 format tip for large volume transfers up to 200 µL. Ideal for automating PCR and cell-based or biochemical assays, sample preparation and more. This tip is compatible with the 96 Liquid LiHa and FCA Arm.

Manufacture of Tecan LiHa 200uL Tips

Zjconcern produces its Zjconcern's Tecan P200 LiHa tips from the highest grade virgin polypropylene. 100K class dust-free room to ensure all our products are free of Dnase/Rnase/pyrogenic.

Tip material: Virgin polypropylene resin

Tip box material: Virgin polypropylene resin

Case Quantity of Tecan LiHa 200uL Tips

96 tips per rack, 50 racks per case.

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