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Type Of Pipette

Pipette, also known as "quantitative pipette", "pipette", "pipette", is a dedicated to measure the volume of liquid and its absorption transfer to other containers in the experimental device. Commonly used in biological or chemical experiments.

Common pipette can be divided into the following five, respectively, are exhaust micro pipette, positive displacement pipette, positive displacement pipette, calibration pipette, Pasteur filter pipette.

Exhaust micropipette

Exhaust micropipette, often called "exhaust pipette gun", the pipette, or pipette, is an adjustable pipette used to measure a volume of 0.1-1000 microlitres. The pipette requires a disposable tip that is in contact with the liquid.

Positive displacement pipette

The pipette is similar to an exhaust pipette but is used less often, usually to avoid contamination or for small, volatile or sticky substances such as Volatile organic compound and DNA. The main difference is that the disposable tip is a Microsyringe with a piston made of plastic that sucks and displaces liquids in direct contact with the piston.

Volumetric pipettes

Also known as the "pipette", the pipette has extremely high accuracy (four significant digits). The pipette has a ball with a graduated line above the ball, marking only the fixed volume of the pipette. Typical models have volumes of 10,25,50 milliliters. Volumetric pipettes are often used to prepare solutions from basic materials or to prepare titrations.

Graduated pipette

Graduated pipette, also called graduated pipette and graduated pipette, is a long glass tube with a series of graduated lines, which can absorb different volumes of liquid. This graduated pipette is usually available in 5,10,25,50 ml sizes. The calibrated pipette has a range of positive and negative errors, ranging from 0.6% to 0.4% of the theoretical volume when measured at 20 °C. Calibrated pipettes are manufactured according to ISO standards of accuracy and calibration arrangements. Class A is more accurate than Class B.

Pasteur pipette

A Pasteur pipette is a plastic or glass pipette used to transfer a small amount of liquid, but not marked with a scale or alignment of any volume. Pasteur pipettes are more commonly known as droppers, Chemical Pipettes.

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